Dua Lipa released the official trailer for upcoming music video for “Physical.”

In the clip, which is scored by light piano music, Dua Lipa sits looking at her phone in a dimly lit room, before shifting her attention to a piece of candy, and then a scrambled Rubik’s Cube. She twists the cube around and mutters under her breath, “How hard could this really be?” Frustrated at her inability to solve it, she says, quietly, “F*ck this,” before sliding the cube across the desk.

The cube stops its slide in front of a window, at the same moment a cardinal lands outside of it. She notices the bird and looks at it before being called out of the room. After she leaves, the shot goes back to the bird and the cube, which has been solved and has its all-red side facing the camera.

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It’s not yet clear what this means, but we should know soon enough, as the song drops on January 31. In the meantime, watch the “Physical” trailer below.

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