Young Buffalo – What’s in a Name?

This indie duo from Mississippi may have finally saved every exhausted and bitterly ill-tempered Star Wars fan from witnessing once again the legendary term “Young Padawan” fall carelessly and casually from the lips of those unable to identify a single star system. Granted, the name Young Buffalo summons up more the ethereal vision of fallen Indian races than The Force, but there’s still nothing wrong with encouraging your buddies with the ancient Native American symbol for survival, peace, and abundance. Ben Yarbrough and Jim Barrett’s latest self-titled EP explores the refined yet celestial intonations of Grizzly Bear with the wit and excitement of Thunderclap Newman and Vampire Weekend; creating a sound as transcendental and sanguine as the prided animal within their name. Though, with all this talk of heavenly symbols and chords, it is important to note that nothing is more esoteric than what the duo originally intended for their alias. Young Buffalo’s Jim Barrett explains the band’s initial ideas below.

Who came up with the band name?

It was a nickname I used to have for Ben; just stumbled across it really. I used to text him about practicing and called him Young Buffalo.

Was there a selection process?

Not really. We had to come up with a name for our first show, and thankfully we didn’t end up going through a whole bunch of different options. It felt quite a natural fit.

What’s the best name that you considered but rejected?

Zsa Zsa.

What’s the worst name that you considered using?

Zsa Zsa.

Any regrets about the name you chose?

None at all! Why, should we?

Pick up Young Buffalo’s latest EP, Young Buffalo.

For the band’s upcoming tour dates, check out their Facebook page.

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