The Story Changes – ‘This Is Your Moment’

Hailing from Dayton, OH, The Story Changes are champions when it comes to following their own vision. The determined duo have not only been hitting the road nonstop for the past few years, but they’ve found time to release two full-lengths and one split with longtime friends and touring partners Let Go. The band’s newest release comes in the form of ‘This Is Your Moment,’ an energetic and dynamic EP that dropped in June via I Am Shark. The EP strikes an intriguing balance of tunes with ardent punk and anthemic rock characteristics.

Vocalist/guitarist Mark McMillon was gracious enough to provide us with some background information for each song on ‘This Is Your Moment.’ Head below to see what he had to say.

‘This Is Your Moment’ is an idea that we had been kicking around for a little while. Because of a lot of touring the year prior and making our schedule work to get in the studio, it took quite a while to come together, but I’m really proud of how it turned out. We decided to release an EP this time around and rather than going our usual route on CD, we made this release only available on vinyl or digitally. The vinyl is limited to 500 hand-numbered [copies] on [a] baby blue 7″. The two of us in the band are both big record collectors and couldn’t be happier with how the vinyl and packaging turned out.

“Tidal Wave”

This was the only song from the EP that we had a chance to road test a bit before recording it. We played it out live all of last summer on tour with Hawthorne Heights, The Audition, and PM Today. It has a lot of energy to it and was a lot of fun to try and capture that feeling on tape. The EP title ‘This Is Your Moment’ comes from a line in the first verse. The song sort of became a flagship for the EP.

“How Long”

“How Long” was actually a last minute idea that almost didn’t get recorded. We finished a really rough outline of the song right before our first day in the studio. We always record drums first and decided to record drums to “How Long” in case something came of the song later. It really was just sort of a last minute decision and we didn’t think much of it. I went home that night and wrote the rest of the song rather quickly. Once I started, it sort of just spilled out of me. We recorded the rest of the song later that week. I’m glad we took a risk on it at the last minute because it ended up being my favorite song on the EP.

“Nights Collide”

We purposely set out to do something a little different with “Nights Collide.” I think we managed to cram a lot of cool sounds into the song and cover new ground for us melodically while still making it sound like our band and not a complete curveball. I’m really proud of how it turned out. I love how the tail end of the chorus shifts gears from the first part each time through.


The two of us have always loved Nirvana and “Breed” is a great song. We first covered it a couple of years ago as part of a fun Halloween show and it’s made it’s way into our live set occasionally ever since. Our recorded version stays pretty true to the original structure. This track is available exclusively on the vinyl 7″ version of ‘This Is Your Moment.’

“You Took a Gamble”

“Gamble” was probably the oldest of the songs recorded for the sessions that turned into the EP. I really like the vibe of the song overall. The synthy keyboard-sounding lead in the beginning is actually a guitar through an odd EQ setting and an octave pedal. We could only fit four songs onto the vinyl version, so “Gamble” is exclusively on the digital version of ‘This Is Your Moment.’

Pick up The Story Changes’ new EP, This Is Your Moment.

For the band’s upcoming shows, check out their Facebook page.

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