Sugar Glyder – What’s in a Name?

Yes, it’s a little odd when a group of guys have a sudden urge to name their emerging synth-driven four-piece after a possum that has the amenities of a flying squirrel. At the same time, it appears that their name is scarily fitting, seeing as your eardrums will become as attached to this band as their name’s inspiration is to eucalyptus. Based in North Carolina, Sugar Glyder (with a y) combines the spirit of Neon Trees with the sophistication of Silversun Pickups. Fresh off of a rather trippy 3-D music video for their single, “Lost in the Woods,” these southern self-taught musicians are ready to release their debut album, ‘The Eyes: They See,’ on March 5. Though the question still remains: why does the band’s moniker come from a small, furry creature with terribly frightening eyes? Guitarist Chris Rigo graciously justifies this decision below.

Who came up with the band name?

I [Chris Rigo] came up with the band name.

Was there a selection process?

There wasn’t too much of a selection process. We were getting ready to play a battle of the bands and needed a band name, so it came to fruition on somewhat of a whim. It just kind of stuck.

Is there a particular meaning behind the name?

Well, a sugar glider is an Australian-based marsupial. They stay up all night, smell kind of bad, and make strange noises. We feel like we can relate to those things, especially when we’re on tour. We changed the “i” to a “y” and it just looked a little bit better on paper.

What’s the best name that you considered but rejected?

There weren’t really any “good names” we rejected because there weren’t really any other options. We just rolled with it.

What’s the worst name that you considered using?

Well, we didn’t have have any other names to choose from prior to Sugar Glyder, but Daniel [Howie, vocalist] and I were in a band very briefly called Monkey with a Gun. That’s pretty horrible, right? [laughs]

Any regrets about the name you chose?

No regrets in the choosing of Sugar Glyder as our band name. It’s a quirky little animal and we’re a quirky little band.

Pick up Sugar Glyder’s new album, The Eyes: They See.

For the band’s upcoming tour dates, check out their Facebook page.

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