Inhale Exhale – What’s in a Name?

Take a deep breath. Relax. Post-hardcore act Inhale Exhale have no intention of throwing in the towel. Come October 9, the group will be bringing ‘Movement’ to the world, their latest full-length since 2009’s ‘Bury Me Alive.’ After releasing three albums via Solid State Records, the band cut ties with the Seattle label in 2011 and inked a deal with Red Cord Records. Recorded at guitarist John LaRussa’s own studio, Revelry Recording, ‘Movement’ is described by the axe-slinger/founding member as “a more aggressive and technical album all around.” In a press statement, he went on to say, “It has an old-school feel to it. It doesn’t let up too much, but it’s really balanced with melody.” We’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case. What we do know is that the Cleveland rockers have a pretty sweet name. Continue below and find out what LaRussa told us went into choosing it.

Who came up with the band name?

The original bass player and I. We were hanging out and it was mentioned and we thought it sounded cool. We liked that it could fit into any genre and it wasn’t too over the top.

Was there a selection process?

No, not really. We had music before the band name. We were slow to come up with something.

Is there a particular meaning behind the name?

To us, it just means what it means: life. Keep moving forward no matter what is thrown at you. Keep breathing.

What’s the best name that you considered but rejected?

None that stuck. Sleepwalker, Among the Ashes, City Lights. I slightly remember those mentioned.

What’s the worst name that you considered using?

Probably Among the Ashes. Lame. But, of course, the band makes the name, I guess.

Any regrets about the name you chose?

Not really. Like I said, the band makes the name, and it kind of stuck pretty quick. We never really worried about it.

Pick up Inhale Exhale’s new album, Movement.

For the band’s upcoming tour dates, check out their Facebook page.

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