Stream: Social Distortion – “Machine Gun Blues”

Take a listen to Social Distortion’s brand new single, “Machine Gun Blues,” off their forthcoming album ‘Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.’

Frontman Mike Ness recently told KROQ, “The record only took 4 months to make; we’re a touring band…we’ve been touring all over the world the last 6 years. The thing is– if you want to make a record you have to stop touring. I didn’t want that much time to go by, but what can you say…I didn’t have these ideas yet. I didn’t know that I would have had them two years ago.”

“Machine Gun Blues” will be available via iTunes on November 16 and the full-length will be released on January 18.

‘Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes’ Tracklisting:

01. Road Zombie
02. California (Hustle and Flow)
03. Gimme The Sweet And Lowdown
04. Diamond In The Rough
05. Machine Gun Blues
06. Bakersfield
07. Far Side Of Nowhere
08. Alone And Forsaken
09. Writing On The Wall
10. Cant Take it with You
11. Still Alive

  • andreas

    Mike ness and social distortion are whats left of the heart of rock and roll and punk of our day…..

    • ariel dawn

      HELL YEAH!!! Enough of this fake ass sissy punk………The world needs more of Social D. And by the way, is it just me, or does the lead singer of GreenDay resemble the young Mike Ness???

      • ariel sucks fucking idiot

        • ariel dawn

          O.K bitch, ur the idiot. It's an opinion. Suck it up and deal with it. Do everyone a favor…..Build a bridge and GET OVER IT!!!!

  • ariel dawn

    Let me know if anyone wants the complete lyrics to Machine Gun Blues…I already know it by heart!!! Mike Ness KICKS ASS!!!!

  • ariel dawn

    Right on Brendan!!! I've been waiting for this for a long time too!! The new single, Machine gun blues is awesome!!! Only a few more months…..I can't wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. It's gotta be awesome if it's social D!

  • Brendan Abbott(BAGG)

    yes…I've been waiting forever for this, Mike Ness kicks ass!! This song is already a classic. Social D. is my all time favorite, can't wait to hear the rest of it.