Stream Bad Religion’s New Album on Myspace

Bad Religion’s upcoming album ‘The Dissent Of Man’ will be released on September 28. In the meantime, you can head over to their Myspace at and stream the album in its entirety!

Produced by Joe Barresi (Tool, Queens of the Stone Age), Bad Religion’s 15th album displays personal experiences inside and out of the band. The songs range from open and flowing classic rock tunes to dirty punk rock jams.

“These are some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” says Gurewitz. “A few of them took me way outside my comfort zone as a writer to a place I haven’t gone since ‘Recipe’ or ‘Stranger than Fiction’.”

“I feel like the last couple of records have been amongst our most conservative, never straying too far from a Bad Religion sound,” adds Gurewitz. “Whereas on this one we’re taking the songs to a lot of different places, exploring our influences and trying out some new things in a way we haven’t done in years.”

“The Dissent of Man” track listing:

01. The Day That the Earth Stalled (1:23)
02. Only Rain (2:43)
03. The Resist Stance (2:32)
04. Won’t Somebody (2:42)
05. The Devil in Stitches (3:28)
06. Pride and the Pallor (2:56)
07. Wrong Way Kids (2:43)
08. Meeting of the Minds (2:06)
09. Someone to Believe (2:38)
10. Avalon (3:28)
11. Cyanide (3:55)
12. Turn Your Back On Me (2:24)
13. Ad Hominem (3:27)
14. Where The Fun Is (3:04)
15. I Won’t Say Anything (3:22)