Ride’s ‘Nowhere’ Receiving Deluxe Treatment

Shoegaze pioneers Ride may have been overshadowed by My Bloody Valentine, but 20 years later their landmark debut album is no less impressive. Ask any true gazer for their top 5 shoegaze records and ‘Nowhere’ will surely be there. Rhino Records has announced that they will commemorate the 20th anniversary of its release with a double-disc reissue. The first disc contains a remastered U.S. version of ‘Nowhere’ plus the entire ‘Today Forever’ EP. The second disc contains a previously unreleased live show. The packaging is said to resemble a hardcover book, including a 40 page booklet and an essay by music critic Jim DeRogatis.

The reissue is due to be released on December 21, 2010.

Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition:

CD1 (‘Nowhere’ and ‘Today Forever’):

01. “Seagull”
02. “Kaleidoscope”
03. “In a Different Place”
04. “Polar Bear”
05. “Dreams Burn Down”
06. “Decay”
07. “Paralysed”
08. “Vapour Trail”
09. “Taste”
10. “Here and Now”
11. “Nowhere”
12. “Unfamiliar”
13. “Sennen”
14. “Beneath”
15. “Today”

CD2 (Live at the Roxy, 1991):

01. “Polar Bear”
02. “Seagull”
03. “Unfamiliar”
04. “Dreams Burn Down”
05. “Like a Daydream”
06. “Vapour Trail”
07. “In a Different Place”
08. “Perfect Time”
09. “Taste”
10. “Nowhere”
11. “Chelsea Girl”
12. “Drive Blind”

  • Dieter