Radiohead Keeps Fans Curious with New Album Later This Year

There is no title. There is not even a hint of the route of musical creativity that the band is taking with their upcoming album. But what we do know is that Radiohead is releasing a new album by the end of 2010.

Although there aren’t many details about this upcoming album, fans do have a reason to be excited.  Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien described the band’s upcoming album on BBC 6 Music Show as the “best album we’ve ever made.”

If you weren’t a fan of the band’s 2007 release of ‘In Rainbows,’ this mystery album may be more of your taste. O’Brien explained the album as “genuinely exciting. It’s very different from what we did last time.”

The content of the album isn’t the only item in question regarding Radiohead’s new release. The band’s 2007 record ‘In Rainbows’ was surrounded by controversy. Radiohead took an unconventional route of allowing their fans to choose their own price for the album. The question remains – will Radiohead provide the option for their fans to download the album for free, or will they risk their anti-music industry reputation by setting a standard price for the album?