Get Your Helmet On!

Helmet returns with a new album!

Following critically acclaimed ‘Monochrome’ in 2006, Helmet’s seventh album, ‘Seeing Eye Dog,’ will be released on September 7. And, upon its release, the band will begin touring the U.S. and Europe.

The band is offering the album in five formats:
– Digital Only (new album + 1 live album)
– Two-Disc CD (new album + 1 live album) + digital
– Limited Edition Double 180g Vinyl (new album + 1 plus album) + digital
– Limited Edition Deluxe (new album + 1 live album on two-disc CD, new album + 1 live album on double 180g Vinyl, custom Helmet USB key with four more live albums, signed package + digital of new album + 1 live album)
– Super Deluxe (same as Limited Edition Deluxe + gold laminate/tour access component)

In addition, Helmet has also digitally re-issued their third album, ‘Betty’.

Currently, Helmet has not yet revealed tour dates for the U.S., but the European dates can be found here.