Interview with Triumph

How much work did it take putting your new release together?

Mike Levine: It took forever, which is a very long time [laughs].

Gil Moore: Well, almost forever. It was a heck of a lot of work getting a hold of all the masters, ya know? They’re all old and there are different formats involved. So, we had to have some restored. It’s a pretty crazy process but it was a labor of love and we think we got a good result.

Who remixed the tracks?

Mike: We got a guy named Rich Chycki who had worked with us on a live thing a few years back, a lot of years back actually. He had subsequently moved to Los Angeles and was doing work with Aerosmith and a bunch of other bands. When he was back in Toronto he seemed the logical choice. Not only is he a great mixer but he’s a huge Triumph fan and a great musician in his own right, as a guitar player. He knew every Triumph note ever recorded or played. So, he would be the best guy, and the most sympathetic to make sure the integrity of the songs remained the same with the remixes.

What was the idea behind including the bonus ‘fan cam’ video of “Blinding Light Show”?

Gil: It’s this incredibly old handy cam footage that we found and we thought it was just really unique because it’s so creepy, dark, distorted, and old. Everything else we did on this package was, from a production point of view, very pristine. We color-corrected the videos, put everything in widescreen, and the audio is remixed in 5.1. We thought, why not have something that’s completely different? It’s kinda neat.

And it adds a different vibe to the whole package.

Gil: Yeah, exactly. Part of the idea was to have something from the fans to the band.

What’s in the works for the future, a tour perhaps?

Gil: The official Triumph plan is that there is no official Triumph plan.

Mike: [laughs].

Gil: We’re just going to see how it all plays out. Rik’s touring a lot right now. He’s got commitments that go as far as next year. I’m very busy at the studio and Mike’s tied up in a bunch of stuff. There’s a lot of bands that are revolving doors, always a guy coming and a guy going, but we stopped playing for a long time. We’ll have to just wait and see.

Mike: It would be a major undertaking for Triumph to tool up and get ready for a tour. Like Gil said, it’s a question of timing and everybody’s availability, and being able to clear a large part of their calenders in order to be able to go do it. But we’ve agreed to keep chatting about it and see when everyone’s available.

Gil: If only to amuse Live Nation and our agent [laughs].

Mike: [laughs].

Looking forward to it. What are you guys listening to nowadays besides your new ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed’?

Mike: Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. I like everything, I’ll listen to everything now.

Gil: I’ve been listening to a lot of different types of music. I like rhythm & blues probably more than anything. But, I really like hard rock too and the classic stuff. Also, country. I’m not too hard to please.

Mike: You’re a country boy!

Gil: Well, I don’t like new country, we’re talking about the old Johnny Cash country. The real stuff [laughs].

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  • Chad

    I was glad to see Triumph remix some of their old catalog. Notwithstanding the questionable tracklisting, the snare drums on many of the songs is very shrill, to the point of being distracting. "Rock and Roll Machine" is a perfect example. Otherwise, the vocals and guitar are very clear and sound very good. There are a number of tweaks to the new mixes that I'll have to get used to, especially the vocals at the end of "When the Lights Go Down."

    Anyway, I'm glad to see the guys are active with their catalog and still discussing tour possibilities. Philadelphia loves Triumph! Maybe Mike will have to break out his old Flyers jersey!