Interview with Tim Paige

Honor Bright’s new album ‘Action! Drama! Suspense!’ was produced by Tom Denney and Jason Lancaster, how did you guys meet and what was it like working with them?

Well, our manager has been good friends with Tom Denney for a long time so he kinda hooked that up, but we had a great time working with him. He’s a blast, he’s a crazy guy. And as for Jason, his brother Daniel is in a band called Stages and Stereos whom we toured with. We were talking about working on the new record with Daniel and he said, “You know, my brother does some producing, you guys should maybe work with him!”

How are things after being signed to Triple Crown Records?

Triple Crown is amazing. It’s a little bit more of a family environment. The only Triple Crown band that we’ve toured with so far is Fight Fair, but those guys were like brothers to us. We hung out every single day and we had a really good time on that tour. I think it was pretty cool to go on tour with someone on the same label and the same management company. It was awesome!

You guys are about to go on tour again in July.

Yeah we’ve got a real short run. What we’re doing is we’re going out in the Northeast area — New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey — to promote the new record coming out.

It’s pretty close to home, right?

Yeah, a lot of it is close to home. We’ve got a lot of cool kids out here and we figured that it would be best to promote the CD where there’s a lot of kids that are really excited about it.

You were in a hardcore band and have your own solo project called The Brilliant Light, how would you compare Honor Bright’s sound to them?

Honor Bright has a lot of the intensity of the hardcore band. If you ever see us live we’re kinda crazy, we throw our guitars around. At a show a couple weeks ago our other singer Liam kicked our other guitarist right in the face when we were playing, it was an accident but that stuff happens all the time. We were just kinda going wild.

A lot of my solo project stuff is really folky, so with the new record there’s more of an emphasis on actual songwriting and making the parts flow together, making it more interesting to listen to and I do so much more singing on this record than I have on any of our past records. Plus, my voice is kinda rough compared to Liam’s so you hear a lot more of that on this CD.

I’ve only heard “Paper Thin Walls” from the new album, but it sounds a bit different than the ‘If This Was A Movie’ EP.

Yeah, I think that song probably sounds closest to the EP on the whole new record. I think the rest of the songs are a little more rock & roll, a little more edge, and a little more crunch in the guitars.

You guys seem to be going in a dual vocals direction.

Yeah, we are very much so. I mean, all of us sing, everyone in the band sings and live you’ll see all 5 of us singing. But, Liam and I are taking more of the lead; I think it’s 50/50 right now.

It kind of reminds me of Taking Back Sunday.

Yeah, we get that a lot. I think there’s a lot of intensity from both of us, but a lot of the reason we get the comparison is because Liam is much more of a pretty singer kinda like Adam Lazzara would be. I guess I’m more of an aggressive singer like John Nolan.

Does it bother you that you guys are often compared to Taking Back Sunday, Cartel, Mayday Parade and early Fall Out Boy?

No, not at all because I love all those bands. I was a pop-punk kid for a long time, so those comparisons are fine as long as people don’t say that we’re too much like them. I mean, I don’t think we sound too much like anyone. I definitely think we have our own sound. You know, we didn’t do anything new, but I think we’ve definitely done it in our own way.

What or who are the band’s major influences?

You know it’s more of just things that’s happened in our lives over the past couple years. It was only two years ago that we decided to take Honor Bright full time, so a lot of these songs are written about being on tour and loving what we do, loving the kids for helping us be able to do this. There are a lot of songs about different relationships, whether it’s romantic relationships, friendships or personal relationships.

Liam’s grandmother died while we were writing the record so there’s a song in there that’s dedicated to her. The song’s called “Off Limits” and I think it really runs the gamut because we didn’t just take one thing and go with it, we’ve had a lot going on in the last couple years and I think it helped to inspire a really emotional record.

Would you call “Action! Drama! Suspense!” a concept album?

No, we always write our songs as if they’re our conservations to whoever they’re about. We’ve never been good at writing stories. It’s always been, “This is how we would say it if we were talking to you, so here’s the song straight from our hearts.”

AP Magazine listed Honor Bright as one of its “100 Bands You Need To Know” for 2010. How did you feel about being featured?

Oh it’s a huge honor and we’ve been reading AP forever, you know, we found tons of the bands that we listen to from that exact feature, so it was unbelievable that they picked us and gave us a full page and let us play their showcase at SXSW, so we were completely blown away and really really honored. They’ve been unbelievable in helping us get the word out there.

What can we expect from Honor Bright in the future?

You know, it’s tough to say because we just did this record and we’re really gonna go a hundred percent balls to the wall pushing this record. We wanna be out on the road promoting it and I think for the next record you’re gonna hear a little bit more intensity. We’re always going to be who we are, you’re always going to hear Honor Bright, you’re gonna know it’s us. But as we progress, you’re going to hear more rock & roll and more intensity from both vocalists. It’s definitely going to be awesome, we’re really excited about the next record already but we’re completely in love with this one. Honestly, I think you’re just going to see smiles on our faces a lot when we’re out on tour.

Any words for your fans?

Well, we tell them every day that we love them and it’s not enough because without them we wouldn’t be doing this and every day we see them out there watching us and it’s absolutely amazing, you know? We’re just a bunch of dudes that are playing music that we absolutely love and that we’ve always wanted to play. So for them to be out there watching us and most of the time singing their lungs out to us is amazing. It’s incredible; they’ll never ever know how much we appreciate them.

Awesome, thanks so much for the interview Tim!

No, thank you!

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