Interview with Ryan Kirby of Fit for a King

On March 12, Fit for a King will showcase a sound they’ve been aspiring to achieve since their start. Gushing with gritty guitar hooks and fervid screams, the band’s new album, ‘Creation/Destruction,’ pushes them up a rung in the saturated world of metalcore. Although the record leans heavy on faith, which isn’t a new concept for the Texas metallers, the group also paints detailed accounts of their struggles, the implications of fame, and questions the future. In refining their output, credit also lies with producer Andreas Magnusson (Oh, Sleeper, Haste the Day, The Black Dahlia Murder), who helped elevate the overall quality of the quintet’s delivery, as well as embellished the songs’ instrumentation. ‘Creation/Destruction’ includes a range of the very appeasing and accessible (“Skin & Bones”) to the assertive and progressive (“Bitter End”). Finding your way to the closing track, aptly titled “Destruction” (with the album opener called “Creation”), should be an effortless and worthwhile task for new and old fans alike.

We spoke with vocalist Ryan Kirby about Fit for a King’s new album, signing with Solid State Records, and upcoming plans for the road. Check it out below.

At the end of 2011, the future of the band seemed somewhat unclear. Were you guys worried about whether or not ‘Descendants’ would attract the kind of attention needed to continue?

Absolutely. We were in that awkward phase where we couldn’t really go to school if we were going to push the band fully, but we didn’t have enough things lined up to keep us completely busy, and we definitely weren’t making any money, which made it super tough.

At what point were you approached by Solid State Records? How did the early discussions begin?

Solid State contacted us near the end of the summer, and it was completely out of the blue. I believe the first emails included our A&R, Adam, saying let’s move this quick and get it going.

Having gone the independent route in the past, were there any concerns about inking a deal with a label?

Definitely. We are very grateful, looking back, that we never signed one of those initial offers from smaller labels. Patience has been our best friend.

You guys recorded your new album with producer Andreas Magnusson. How much time did you spend in the studio?

We spent 4 weeks in the studio. Lots and lots of hours of hard work.

In what ways (if any at all) did Andreas contribute to the direction of the record?

He was great at keeping us from getting too carried away with production and other aspects. He kept us level-headed.

At the start of one of the making-of videos for ‘Creation/Destruction,’ Beck’s “Loser” is playing. Are there any Beck fans in the band? What are some of your favorites of his?

That was all our guitarist Bobby on that one. I can’t really say I have jammed much of Beck.

Is the recording process more mentally exhausting than touring? It seems like there’s always at least one band member who can’t handle the repetitiveness of recording and ends up spending most of their time outside the control room. Does anyone fit that description in Fit for a King?

I think we all agree that it was rougher than touring for sure. It’s very repetitive. You’re in the same place for a month instead of traveling. And not playing shows is always a bummer.

“Broken Fame” is one of the catchier songs on the record. What was the inspiration for the track?

The song is about pursuing fame and how that mindset can destroy us and that we can’t lose sight of what we have in store after this life.

Who came up with the idea for the cover art? What does the lone container of gasoline in the forest symbolize?

Ryan Clark from Invisible Creature [and Demon Hunter] came up with the art direction and designed it all. It shows a serene forest, which is the picture of creation, and how just the contents of that tiny gas container could destroy all the creation in that forest.

Are there any plans to tour alongside some of your new labelmates?

We are actually going out with Oh, Sleeper for our album release tour in March!

What can we expect from Fit for a King this year?

Constant touring, including overseas. And a lot of hard work!

Pick up Fit for a King’s latest album, Creation/Destruction.

For the band’s upcoming tour dates, check out their Facebook page.

  • ofmice

    These guys are absolutely amazing. Saw them live yesterday night and they killed it! I hope to see them sometime again soon!

  • Anonymous

    I have heard this new album and this stuff is just insane. This band is ridiculous. Keep this up and they have a very long future in front of them. Good interview!