Interview with Ryan Hahn of Local Natives

Local Natives are an indie-rock act out of Silver Lake, Los Angeles who recently released their critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Gorilla Manor.’

I was lucky enough to catch up with guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Ryan Hahn one day before Halloween at the band’s final U.S. gig before they headed overseas to Europe.

Check out the video below to see the band performing “Sun Hands” while dressed in Halloween costumes!

Wow, you guys have been on tour a lot this year. I guess it’s nice to take a break for a while.

Yeah, we wanna write another record. We love touring, but I can’t wait to be done.

You’re heading to France pretty soon, right?

Yeah, we’re here [in the U.S.] for a few days and then we fly out to France. We’ll basically be overseas for another month, then we’ll be heading home.

Awesome. Are you writing any new material on the road?

It’s been kind of difficult, to be honest. The way we write is so dependent on being in one big room and jamming on songs and collaborating. It’s just been hard to do that in the bus.

I heard that you guys recently acquired a nice tour bus.

This is the first tour we’ve had a tour bus. I don’t think any band appreciates it more than we do.

What was the band riding around in before you got the bus?

Just a 15-seat van with all our gear for the better part of two years. Jumping up to a bus has been a luxury beyond imagination. [laughs]

Have you guys decided if you’ll be working with producer Raymond Richards again on your next record?

I don’t know. We haven’t decided anything remotely close to producers or engineers. Right now we just want to write the songs and see what happens. Everything else is further down the line.

The writing process will be the same I imagine.

Yeah, we’ve been a band for a long time and have found that the best way we work is a very collaborative and democratic process. I’m sure the whole album will be written just the same as our last one.

Your music video for the track “Who Knows, Who Cares” just came out last week. Will we be seeing any new music videos from ‘Gorilla Manor’?

Probably not. Music videos are always an afterthought for us. We try our best with them and we’re proud of them, but I think we’re just going to focus on writing new songs.

The band has toured Europe a few times already, right?

Yeah, we’ve actually been really fortunate. This year we’ve been to Europe maybe four or five times. We’ve gotten somewhat familiar with that part of the world. It’s been really nice.

Who will you be playing with in France?

We’ll be playing with Warpaint and a U.K. band named The Coral. In England, we’re bringing some friends from home called Superhumanoids.

Sounds great. Thanks, Ryan!

Pick up Local Natives’ debut record Gorilla Manor today!