Interview with Maximum Hedrum

It isn’t often that a band’s genre is classified as “future funk.” In fact, Maximum Hedrum may very well be the only band who hold that title. Of course, with a single named “RoboSexual” it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that they produce futuristically funky jams. The duo, consisting of music producer Sam Spiegel and Sepultura frontman Derrick Green, have been branded as 2013’s “strangest” supergroup by MTV’s Hive, but strange has never sounded so good. With their inspiration coming from the way society has changed thanks to technology, Maximum Hedrum is commanding attention and are most definitely getting it. The group traveled to South by South West to play a few shows and promote their self-titled debut album, which just dropped this week, and sat down with us to talk about their upcoming tour, what they looked forward to most at the festival, and what led the two of them to join together.

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