Interview with Luke Paquin

What’s the story behind the new album ‘Future Breeds’?

It’s about a lot of the interesting characters that we’ve come across the last couple of years. I think just our environment became the theme of the record itself.

It’s a combination of the people that you’ve met and the experiences that you’ve had over the past three years since your last record?

Yeah, we took a little time away and built our own studio. Now that we have our own thing, hopefully we’ll be able to get more records out in a speedier fashion.

You guys didn’t hire a producer for the new album?

No, we pretty much produced it ourselves. Steve, our singer, is the gearhead of the group and he knows how to turns the knobs and make the sounds sound good. I don’t know as much of the technical jargon, I just know “hey, I think that sounds good or bad” [laughs], that’s as far as I go with it. But yeah, we did it all ourselves, and that’s the first time we’ve done that. We’ve obviously talked about doin’ it every album but I don’t think we were quite ready to make that jump until ‘Future Breeds’.

What was the recording process like, did you lay everything down together?

Any number of ways, depending on who was there that day. There’s always something you can lay down. If Steve’s there, he can work on vocal stuff himself or keyboard stuff and if all four of us were down there we would all jam. A lot of the songs were written just in the jam spot, and basically however it’s goin’ whatever you can do to keep it moving forward that day. Some of the songs were written democratically, others were kind of Steve’s laptop projects that turned into live instruments later.

So it’s kinda free for all.

Yeah, there’s no real way. A lot of bands are like “this is the way we write” but it’s just however we can.

This seems to be the heaviest Hot Hot Heat album, would you agree?

Yes, definitely, this is the loudest album we’ve made. I think it’s actually the most extreme in both directions though. We have a couple songs under two minutes that are just crazy, heavy, fast numbers and a couple songs that are slower and longer than anything we’ve ever done. But overall it’s a bit heavier. We tried not to over-think it too much, we tried to just do what sounds good. I feel like in the early to mid 2000’s the term ‘rock’ became a dirty word because it was associated with Buckcherry or Papa Roach or something, but I don’t think wanting to rock should be anything to be ashamed of.

When can we see you on the road?

We just did a residency all of May in Brooklyn and we’re doing all of June in L.A. at a club out there. The actual tour will probably start towards the end of the summer.

Have any opening bands in mind?

I don’t know, we’ve been pretty lucky. We’ve had some pretty cool bands open for us at these shows in Brooklyn and some pretty good bands opening in L.A. We haven’t really thought about it so far.

Pick up Hot Hot Heat’s new album Future Breeds.

  • Jay

    Awesome stuff. Really like the new sound of this album.