Interview with Dredg

Only a few shows left on your tour. How’s the tour been so far?

Mark: Great. We’ve been on tour with Circa Survive, Codeseven and Animals as Leaders for about 7 weeks. It’s been an amazing tour. We’re friends with all the bands.

You’ve toured with Circa Survive and Codeseven before, right?

Mark: Yeah, we’ve toured with Circa Survive and Codeseven in the past, and we’re actually sharing a bus with Animals as Leaders on this tour. It’s been absolutely incredible. My liver hurts because of it, but that’s OK.

Are you playing any new songs from your forthcoming record?

Mark: Yeah, we’ve been playing one song off the new album. The song is called “Upon Returning.”

Sweet. How was working with Dan The Automator on the new album?

Mark: Great. It was very much a collaboration. It’ll sound unique and different for a Dredg record, but that’s what we like to do. Otherwise, we’d get really bored with ourselves.

This was also the first record you guys did remotely.

Mark: Yeah, it was the first record where we didn’t sit in a room together and write everything. We live in different cities, so we would work on our laptops separately and email each other stuff. Sitting in a room and playing loud rock music together is different than sitting in your house by yourself.

There was a lot of material that Dino and I had gotten from parts that we had just worked on by ourselves. Most of it was people sending each other stuff and figuring out what we thought was good enough to keep.

What did Dan bring to the table?

Gavin: Well, Dan wrote three of the songs on the record. Also, songs that we had established, Dredg songs, he helped rework the rhythm or added a loop underneath the drums. It was mainly rhythm-based influence.

Mark: He also helped us get away from over-analyzing, because we do that a lot. He was really all about just going with your gut. He would either say, “That’s good or that’s not good.” He wouldn’t let us sit there and tweak anything too much. Dan works fast.

Cool. I know you guys have done quite a few concept albums in the past. Is this a concept album again?

Gavin: No, it’s just a record.

Mark: Yeah, it’s just a record. [laughs]

Gavin: It was spontaneous, we just wrote songs that we liked.

Mark: Right. The artwork will have a great theme to it though. Visually there will be a theme, but there’s not an underlying idea behind the album itself.

Oh, cool. For anyone who missed this tour, I’m sure you’ll be playing again after the album release.

Mark: Yeah, the new record is out on March 29, so we’ll be back sometime in the Spring.

Awesome. Thanks guys.

Mark: Thanks for supporting our music.

Gavin: Thanks.

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Pick up Dredg’s latest record The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion and be on the lookout for their upcoming album in late March.

  • Kara

    Damn! I can't believe I missed this tour. See you guys in the spring!!