Interview with CRUISR

Photo: Chris Sembrot

The last time I attended a 1975 concert, Sir Sly and Bad Suns were opening up for the band. Fast forward six months and The Bad Suns are getting ready to kick off their own headline tour. Seeing firsthand the exposure that opening up for The 1975 can give you, it’s not hard to understand why the boys of CRUISR postponed recording their debut album for the chance to go on tour with The 1975.

Going on tour for the first time is nerve-wracking no matter what ‒ but going on tour for the first time on such a big scale production seems simply daunting. In spite of that notion, these Philadelphia-based boys seem to be adjusting more than fine. CRUISR’s lineup includes Andy States (vocals/guitar), Bruno Catrambone (guitar), Kyle Cook (bass), and Jon Van Dine (drums). They formed in 2012, and found their musical niche to be summery, feel-good pop songs, which helps them stand out from most Philly bands. Their second EP, ‘All Over,’ was released in September through Vagrant Records, and it features tracks, “All Over,” “Kidnap Me,” and “Don’t Go Alone.” All three come with catchy choruses, infectious beats, and sing-along lyrics; perfect for the audience they’re aiming for.

Even though The 1975 aren’t a boyband, their fanbase could rival those of One Direction and Justin Bieber. Fangirls camp outside overnight just to catch a glimpse of lead singer Matty Healy, twitter accounts are devoted to Healy’s knee (yes, knee), and Tumblr has essentially just become a website of various pictures of Healy smoking. In short ‒ The 1975 are the new subject of teenage hysteria. In the past month that CRUISR have been on tour with them, it seems that they’ve captured the attention of these fangirls as well. Homemade flags, large signs, and t-shirts dedicated to CRUISR are now regular sights at these shows. This is quite the feat for a band that never even toured together before this.

Since they put recording their debut album on hold for this tour, there isn’t a release date set yet, but with the release of that and more tour dates, 2015 is looking very bright for CRUISR.

Pick up CRUISR’s new EP, All Over.

For the band’s upcoming tour dates, check out their Facebook page.