Interview with Chris Vetter of Kills and Thrills

Are all the members of Kills and Thrills from the same town?

Not the same town, but the same area. We’re all from the Massapequa and Farmingdale area [of New York].

Nice. How did you guys find each other?

Through mutual friends.

Your last album, ‘Liars,’ was released in March 2010. Since then, it seems like the band has been out on the road a lot.

Yep. We’re getting ready to go on a new tour with Hundredth. It’s a little leg on the East Coast down to Florida. Then, we meet up with some friends of ours from Jacksonville, Florida named Boys No Good. We’ll also be doing a week through Canada and then a couple dates with This Is Hell.

Sweet. Have you played with Hundredth before?

Yeah, we actually played with them in the summer of ’09. It was a tour with them and Ambush!.

Was that in support of your first album, ‘Showstopper’?

Yeah, it was like our first year of touring.

How long is the tour you’re on right now?

We’ll be gone for practically two months.

Are you planning on playing any new material at some of the upcoming shows?

Not yet, but maybe next month we might start to do that. We still need to practice everything and get it ready to play live. It’s definitely something we’d like to do soon.

Are you playing only new tracks on the road right now or a mixture of tracks from the past two albums?

We’re playing all new material off of ‘Liars.’

The whole album in its entirety?

No, not the whole album — a whole set of songs from ‘Liars.’

Do you find that your older material doesn’t mesh well live with your new songs?

No, it’s just that we like to play all new stuff and keep it fresh. Obviously, we’re happier with the direction of the new material.

Well, it’s definitely different sounding.

Yeah, and that’s something we want to keep on track with.

Are you guys still searching for a new guitarist?

Yeah, we’ve been looking for a guitar player since September. We actually have our friend Brian filling in on guitar right now. We know him from doing a couple tours with his old band. We’ll see what happens. We’re ready to nail these next two months.

Is the band leaning towards an EP in the future or a new full-length?

We’re gearing ourselves towards another full-length. The more material the better.

I’m sure you all have some new ideas to try out on the forthcoming album.

Definitely. It’ll still be the same fundamentals — very raw and aggressive — but in a more rock ‘n’ roll direction. We would like to diversify and set ourselves apart even further, but it’ll still be us.

Do you feel like you have a more concrete vision nowadays for the band and your music?

Yeah, but we still have to work hard. We need to step up a lot on this tour. We want to make this a year where we grow.

What are you looking forward to doing this new year?

In terms of writing and recording, we’d love to do something before the summer. We’re looking to get some stuff done within the next six months.

Cool. Will you be working with producer Andrew Schneider again on your upcoming album?

I think we’re going to be trying somebody else. We definitely have a different vision for this record. We’ve been throwing some names around. We’ll be hitting some people up while on tour and see who’s available. Also, it would be cool to travel outside of New York, get stuck somewhere, and record an album.

Right. You’d have no distractions.

No distractions. It would be cool to record somewhere you’re not familiar with, and just be surrounded by music. We commuted back and forth from Brooklyn on the last record, which was a pain in the ass.

Good luck with the new record, Chris. And have fun on tour!

Absolutely. Thank you so much.

Pick up Kills and Thrills’ latest album, Liars.

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