Interview with Bastille

South London’s own indie pop band Bastille — comprised of Dan Smith, Chris “Woody” Wood, Will Farquarson, and Kyle Simmons — is the next big thing. The group already spent the majority of 2012 gaining popularity through their singles “Overjoyed,” “Bad Blood,” and “Flaws,” as well as being featured in TV shows (The Vampire Diaries) and on video game soundtracks (FIFA 13). Furthermore, even though the quartet has only one studio album under their belt — out for a little over two weeks at the point of publication — that record has hit #1 on the UK Charts. What’s even more impressive is that the ever-busy band kicked off a mostly sold out tour in late February and will continue to tour and play festivals through the end of August. Needless to say, Bastille is proof that hard work really does pay off. Taking a break from their ‘Bad Blood Tour’ for South by South West, the guys sat with us to talk about how the massive music festival was treating them, when the US can look forward to seeing them again, and in what way Will will cut his hair next.

Pick up Bastille’s new album, Bad Blood.

For the band’s upcoming tour dates, check out their Facebook page.