Wild Flag – “Romance”

Indie rock supergroup Wild Flag have released a video for their song “Romance.”

Wild Flag formed after the four women who comprise it scored a documentary together — but these four musicians were already connected through the various bands they had each played with. Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss played together in Sleater-Kinney, who toured with Mary Timony’s band Helium many times. Rebecca Cole’s band The Minders had also opened for Sleater-Kinney on numerous occasions. Cole and Weiss play together in The Shadow Mortons, a 60s garage rock cover band, and Brownstein and Timony played briefly together in The Spells. It seems only natural that the four of them would eventually play together.

Wild Flag’s self-titled debut was released on September 13 via Merge Records. The band recruited engineer Chris Woodhouse to assist them with the recording; all the tracks were played live on the record except for the vocals. Reviewers have said that while there are the requisite indie rock and riot grrrl elements that one would expect out of this foursome, Wild Flag has more of a straightforward, classic rock sound overall.

Check out the video for “Romance” below.