The Get Up Kids – “Regent’s Court”

The Get Up Kids have premiered a music video for “Regent’s Court.” The video was directed by Pat Vamos. On his website, Vamos explained, “Most of the footage is from a VHS tape I got for fifty cents at Kansas City’s SRO VIDEO (RIP) called The American Dream Contest in which civics class kiss-ups make ultra-patriotic short films. In this one, some little snot dreamwishes Mikhail Gorbachev to be his bestest buddy. I piss all over that. The ending of this video has been described alternately as ‘controversial’ and ‘Uhhhhh.’ Tragedy + time, right?”

The Get Up Kids’ latest album, ‘There Are Rules,’ dropped on January 25 through Quality Hill. The band is currently gearing up for a 10-date co-headlining tour with Saves the Day.