The Dear Hunter – “This Body”

The Dear Hunter have released a lyric video for their new track “This Body.” Check it out below, courtesy of Alt Press.

Vocalist Casey Crescenzo (who animated the video) told Alt Press, “‘This Body’ is the fourth track off of the Black EP. At first, I wanted to create a percussion-only EP, but as the arrangements developed, the opportunity for a more grating and disorienting palette of sounds presented itself and I decided to take the tracks in a much more menacing direction. The entire EP uses a lot of electronic instruments and sequencing, but also a great deal of acoustic drums. This song in particular has three drum kits being played simultaneously through the song to keep the polyrhythmic feeling, as well as a good deal of sequenced analog drums. Lyrically, this record is definitely more negative than any of the other Color Spectrum EPs, but past the surface of these songs the meaning is more centered around breaking free of the negativity and embracing a different point of view.”

The Dear Hunter’s forthcoming nine-EP collection entitled ‘The Color Spectrum’ will be available on June 14 via Triple Crown.