The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “In the Land of My Enemy”

Anton Newcombe, who puts out virtually all of his music under the name The Brian Jonestown Massacre, has released two videos and two versions of a new song: the English version entitled “In the Land of My Enemy,” and a Finnish version, “Viholliseni Maalla.”

The two versions are quite similar aside from the vocal tracks and possibly some of the guitar tracks and levels of the mix. There does appear to be an additional vocalist on the Finnish version, which is more polished overall. The English version is listed as being a rough demo, while a note on the Finnish version states that it is a work in progress. Nonetheless, the videos are quickly drawing a number of views and enthusiastic comments. The imagery of both videos is political in nature and appears to be partially inspired by the Occupy movements which are currently growing around the planet, although Newcombe has been outspoken for many years about issues around free speech, political discord, civil disobedience and anti-establishment or anarchistic themes, so this is not new territory for him.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s last album, ‘Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?,’ was released in 2010, but Newcombe, who resides in Berlin, has not been resting on his laurels since then. Newcombe regularly collaborates with Jón Sæmundur Audarson of Dead Skeletons, with whom he creates art installations, videos, songs, and more. The two have a Ustream channel together called Dead TV, which is described as a multinational mixed media art project. Newcombe will often improvise and create new material while streaming, and/or use footage from the stream as documentation and video for songs. Newcombe also regularly releases videos and songs through his YouTube channel and through the official Brian Jonestown Massacre website, any or all of which may or may not be released on albums at any point.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre have not toured since 2010, nor have any upcoming dates been announced.

  • Madddesigner

    Nice Woolsey

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful music, Hopefully if the aliens don’t land BJM will tour 2012

    • Julian Woolsey

      maybe BJM will only tour if the aliens DO land!