Spindrift – “Theme From Drifter’s Pass”

Spindrift have released the latest in their series of collaborations with film directors that also serve as music videos for songs from their album ‘Classic Soundtracks, Vol. 1.’

The rollicking video for “Theme From Drifter’s Pass” features keyboardist/vocalist Sasha Vallely riding a motorcycle like a bat out of hell while frontman Kirpatrick Thomas takes to the hills on foot, as if pursued. Director Lavender Lee said, “The shots of the motorcycle riding were all done by Sasha, we didn’t need any stunt work.”

All of this is intercut with hallucinatory imagery, occult scenes, and footage of the band performing onstage. The eight-minute psychedelic opus burns slow for a while, but when the band kicks into high gear, the song and video climax together with a passion.

The Los Angeles-based group is currently on a North American tour with The Black Angels and Dead Meadow.