Spindrift – “Space Vixens Theme”

Spindrift have released a fifth music video/movie trailer from their new album ‘Classic Soundtracks Vol 1.’ “Space Vixens Theme” is set to a new trailer for J.X. Williams’ obscure 1967 film Space Vixens. An official synopsis explains the film’s ludicrous premise:

“In a strangely menacing monologue by the androgynous XXY-8273 (Inga Johanssen), the aliens’ plans for world domination come to light. They will neutralize the armed forces by instigating mass homosexuality in their ranks. Unlike the advanced space vixens who allow same-sex relations in their armies, primitive earth people do not allow gays in the military. As soldiers get booted out in droves after implantation of the ‘queerification chip,’ the second phase of the invasion commences. The alien force carries out wholesale abduction of earth women who will be induced to perform unnatural acts with the spacecraft’s master computer, the Sapphotron 2000.”

A lost animation sequence from the original film was apparently recreated by Jim Branstetter for this video. A commemorative 45th Anniversary DVD of Space Vixens is coming out in 2012.