Poly Styrene – “Ghoulish”

A new video has been released for Poly Styrene’s song, “Ghoulish.” The track is a tribute to Michael Jackson, and comes from her recent album, ‘Generation Indigo,’ which was released earlier this year. Styrene passed away due to breast cancer less than a month after the album was released in the UK.

In an interview posted on Poly Styrene’s official YouTube channel earlier this year, the singer spoke about her inspiration for writing “Ghoulish.” She stated, “When [Michael Jackson] was dying, there were all these pictures of him, with the nose that had fallen off, and the white face, and the ghoulishness. But then I just wanted to say, ‘I see through that.’ I see… that he was probably quite a nice guy… I never met him, but [he seemed] soft-spoken, gentle…”

Check out the video for “Ghoulish” below.