Periphery – “Jetpacks Was Yes!”

Periphery have unveiled their music video for “Jetpacks Was Yes!”. The track is from the band’s self-titled debut album.

“It is a fictional story about an infinite being who outlives everyone, and everything, he comes in contact with,” commented vocalist Spencer Sotelo about the music video. “He comes to realize that although living forever has it’s great benefits, it is a curse because everything has a finite lifespan whether it be people, trees, animals, even planets and solar systems. Therefore, this video is the section of his life where he is reminiscing on his past relationships with different places and people that had meaning to him. The rest is basically showing how he has outlived the very place he had called his home for a great deal of time, and he now has to search for new colonies throughout the galaxy to fit in to and ultimately start over and make a new life.”