Mutemath – “Odd Soul”

Mutemath have released a music video for “Odd Soul.” When asked by Mashable if the band felt any pressure to come up with increasingly elaborate videos over the years, vocalist/keyboardist Paul Meany remarked, “It’s not really pressure as much as just getting bored with releasing music the same way every time. We find ourselves on ‘what if’ rabbit trails a lot. Someone will start an idea ‘What if we…’ And then one of us will answer, ‘but then what if it…’ Until we keep pushing the idea into something that is obscenely impossible, and then we go back a few ‘what if’s’ and there’s the idea we usually go with.”

Mutemath’s new record, ‘Odd Soul,’ will be available everywhere on October 4. Head over to the trio’s website to practice your remixing.