– “Make it Rain” (Director’s Cut) [NSFW]

Swiss band have released a video for their song “Make it Rain.” Directed by Zürich-born filmmaker Elias Ressegatti, the NSFW video was shot in a beautiful part of upstate New York using the Arri Alexa camera. Ressegatti, who came up with the concept for the video, spoke with Rock Edition about its creation:

“The band let me freely develop whatever came to mind while I was listening to the music. Since the song had such a ‘city meets road trip’ vibe to it, I decided to portray a bunch of young city adults on their little escape from [the] reality of New York City. The twist for me is that we can’t escape our reality even when we change the setting. But we can find (short-term, at least) happiness in silence and beauty.”

Rock Edition has chosen to feature the Director’s Cut of the video, which differs slightly from the official version of the video. Check it out below.

The self-titled debut album from is due out in February.