Marianas Trench – “Fallout”

Canadian pop rockers Marianas Trench debuted the video for their second single — the first since the release of their album ‘Ever After’ in November — on February 1 via MTV. The album tells the story of a man who finds himself trapped in a fairytale feud with an evil heart-stealing queen in a continuous flow of music that has every song cycling into the next without a break. The video for “Fallout” follows lead singer Josh Ramsay as he dodges explosions and memories set off by a recent breakup.

Much like the album, the band plans to make all the videos line up to make sense continuously, Ramsay said in an interview for MTV’s Push. “This one’s a little more abstract. It’s not quite as literally right out of the story as the first one is, but there’s definitely still elements of it for sure. I think later when people see all the videos from the record, it’s going to be cool and all line up.”

Check out this explosive video below!