Manchester Orchestra – “Virgin”

Manchester Orchestra have debuted a music video for “Virgin.” The video was created by a fan named Ben Disinger. On the band’s website, frontman Andy Hull posted the following statement describing how the video came about:

“A funny thing happened to us in Rochester, NY this past spring. We were approached outside of our tour bus around 2pm by what we figured was one of our amazingly loyal fans wanting to say hello or maybe have us sign some stuff, etc. What happened next was unexpected to say the least. He introduced himself and told us he had been working on a film for school and while editing, he had our new album ‘Simple Math’ playing in the background. ‘Virgin’ started to play. He soon realized without that, this once silent film synced up perfectly with this song. We were skeptical to say the least, but the more he talked about it, the more we were interested in actually seeing this thing. He pulled his laptop out and placed it on the steps to the bus. We were blown away. We put him in touch with our manager and for the last few months he’s been putting the finishing touches to this incredible piece. This is that rare moment when art expands further than first intentions or expectations. Where two different inspirations can coincide to create something better. We proudly present to you: ‘Virgin.'”

Manchester Orchestra’s latest record, ‘Simple Math,’ was released on May 10 via Favorite Gentlemen. Head here for the group’s upcoming tour dates.