Incubus – “Adolescents”

Incubus have premiered a music video for their new single “Adolescents.” The track comes from their forthcoming album, ‘If Not Now, When?,’ which is set for release on July 12.

On the band’s website, vocalist Brandon Boyd explained, “Our first single, ‘Adolescents’ is perhaps the most familiar sounding Incubus song on this new album. It begins with Michael’s unmistakable and inimitable guitar work and rolls its way into a kind of drunken waltz. Creeping its way into the idea that we are collectively just about to reach our cultural teenage years. It does seem like we’ve been around forever. Us, I mean. People. Culture. But all it takes is a sojourn into Earth’s biological record to realize that WE are quite new! And the transitions at play in our complex little game are akin to the struggles that an adolescent might endure.”