Flogging Molly – “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down”

Celtic punk rockers Flogging Molly have released a music video for their new single “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down.” In a press statement, Flogging Molly frontman Dave King explained, “I was inspired to write ‘Don’t Shut ‘Em Down’ by driving down the freeway to Detroit City. On the side of the freeway was a closed-down and boarded-up building with “don’t shut ‘Em down” written in huge graffiti writing. All I could think of to myself was ‘no, don’t shut ‘Em down’…it’s really saddening and the least I can do as a songwriter is give a social commentary on what I see.”

The band’s forthcoming record, ‘Speed of Darkness,’ is set for release on May 31 via Borstal Beat Records.