Five Finger Death Punch – “Under and Over It”

Five Finger Death Punch have unleashed a music video for “Under and Over It.” The video was directed by Ethan Emaniquis. About the video’s concept, guitarist Zoltan Bathory stated, “We wanted to hit a pretty sarcastic tone with it, so it looks like a typical big cock rock video, but in a tongue in cheek way. We put all the big-time video clichés in it except for the booty shake… or maybe we even got that, I don’t remember. We do have the party scenes, cars, airplanes, mansions, pools and girls — of course you can’t have a raaawwwk video without your token pool scene. Also, it’s shot from a behind-the-scenes perspective where you can actually see the director ‘trying’ to direct our music video. He is running in and out of the frames, posing the band, trying to make us act a certain way, which is pretty typical of most video shoots and it always annoys the hell out of the bands. It’s an interesting angle the fans never get to see, and adds to the sarcasm of the whole clip. We just wanted to have fun with it, and actually it ended up being a blast and more of a party than a stressful video shoots. Maybe we’ll shoot part two for this [laughs].”

Five Finger Death Punch’s new album, ‘American Capitalist,’ is set to hit stores on October 11.

Head here for the band’s upcoming tour dates with All That Remains, Hatebreed, and Rev Theory.


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