Becoming the Archetype – “Breathing Light”

Becoming the Archetype have released a music video for “Breathing Light.” The video was directed by David Prindle and portrays the band as animated space vikings. Speaking with Noisecreep, guitarist Seth Hecox explained, “I’m a big comic book fan and graphic novel fan and I’ve always loved shows like Metalocalypse and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. This video was a realization of all of those influences and the good times that ensue when experiencing any good art in the comic/graphic novel world.”

Hecox continued, “David Prindle has been doing great animated videos for awhile and he really felt inspired by ‘Breathing Light.’ He and I worked together on the concept for the video for a few weeks before settling on all the details. For instance, the Evil Overlord can’t have just any old name. A good ‘bro’ name like Todd was perfect, plus it allowed us to subtly reference ‘Mom and Dad Save the World.'”

Becoming the Archetype’s latest album, ‘Celestial Completion,’ dropped in March via Solid State Records.