August Burns Red – “Internal Cannon”

Check out August Burns Red’s new music video for “Internal Cannon” below. In a press statement, guitarist JB Brubaker explained, “We shot the ‘Internal Cannon’ video in the middle of nowhere in New Jersey at an old water pumping station. The video was shot four stories underground at the base of a massive antique water pumping apparatus. There was no way to get down except for a rickety narrow spiral staircase which made loading the equipment very tricky. It was easily the sketchiest load in of our lives. The floor was dirt/mud and I played in bare feet to help portray the grittiness of the location. Unfortunately, I’m not sure there is a single clip in the video where you can see my bare feet.”

The band’s latest full-length, ‘Leveler,’ was released on June 21 via Solid State Records. In support of the album, the quintet are currently out on Warped Tour. Head here for the dates.