The Strokes Make U.S. Comeback at Lollapalooza

The Strokes have alleviated their fans’ aching for the band’s U.S. tour by kicking it off at nowhere else but Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL. this past weekend. Taking the stage as a headliner in Grant Park on Friday opposite Lady Gaga, the Strokes provided their fans with a booming set list that brought many fans back to the band’s previous albums, ‘Is This It’ and ‘Room On Fire.’

Fans appeared more than satisfied as the band began their Lollapalooza performance to the drumbeat of “We Will Rock You,” which led into one the band’s own hits, “New York City Cops.” Lead singer Julian Casablancas was the ultimate depiction of a typical rocker, fully clad in a black leather jacket, tight jeans, black sunglasses, and the Chicago breeze waving his shaggy black hair into the night. Casablancas led the band into a 16-song set, including fan favorites such as “Hard to Explain,” “Last Night,” and “Someday.”

Blown away by their explosive set, fans still find it hard to believe that the Strokes had taken a hiatus. The Strokes’ tore the stage apart and closed out their set of over an hour appropriately with “Take It or Leave It.”  Check out the band’s set list from Lollapalooza below. For more information on the Strokes’ upcoming tour dates, visit their official website at

Set List

1. New York City Cops
2. The Modern Age
3. Hard to Explain
4. What Ever Happened?
5. You Only Live Once
6. Soma
7. Is This It
8. Vision of Division
9. I Can’t Win
10. Reptila
11. Last Nite
12. Juicebox
13. Someday
14. Under Control
15. Heart in a Cage
16. Take It or Leave It

[img credit: aemde]