Former Chumbawamba Frontman Danbert Nobacon to Hit the Road October 1st

Do you ever find yourself wondering where one of your favorite 1990s artists are now?  Well, if you are a fan of 1990s pop group Chumbawamba, your luck might be better than you think. Former Chumbawamba frontman Danbert Nobacon is going back on tour with his new band, The Bad Things. 

 Nobacon and The Bad Things will be releasing their new album, “Woebegone,” on October 19th. “Woebegone” is less of an album compiled of separate tracks and more of a song cycle.  “Wobegone” takes place in the mid-2020s and explores the depths of sex and death traced with images from both Nobacon and The Bad Things’ pasts. 

Not only will fans be able to see Nobacon perform with Seattle punk band The Bad things, but they will have the opportunity to attend readings from Nobacon’s new novel, “Three Dead Princes – An Anarchist Fairytale.” The readings kick off September 16 in Twisp, Wash.

To listen to Nobacon’s new singles, Other Country Blues” and “Lilithiana Red,” and to view more tour dates, visit his official website at

[img credit: Casey Orr]