Lupine Howl – “Guided By Voices”

Outlier Records have announced that they will put out the third album by space rock royalty Lupine Howl, entitled ‘Take the Sun and Burn the Earth.’ Recorded by Massive Attack engineer Lee Shephard in 2003, the tracks that comprise the LP have never seen the light of day.

Lupine Howl were originally formed by Sean Cook, Mike Mooney and Damon Reece after they were fired from Spiritualized in 1999. They released two albums on Beggars Banquet: 2001’s ‘The Carnivorous Lunar Activities of Lupine Howl’ and 2002’s ‘The Bar at the End of the World.’ After the second album, the band all but disappeared, and most fans assumed that they had broken up. A recent press release sets the record straight: “The band has never actually split up but the individual members have become involved in other projects & interests. Despite this, they always intended to release the lost third LP at some point & that time has now come.”

Check out “Guided by Voices,” from Lupine Howl’s new record, ‘Take the Sun and Burn the Earth,’ out soon on Outlier Records.