It Prevails – “Break Away”

Take a listen to It Prevails’ new track “Break Away” below. The song, which also features vocalist Brendan Foley of Betrayal, comes from the band’s upcoming album, ‘Stroma,’ set for release on August 2 via Mediaskare Records.

In a press statement, vocalist Ian Fike stated, “This song is one of our more rocking ones on the album. It was written the day before we went in the studio and it became one of our favorites. We’ve done a few tours with Betrayal and I like Brendan’s vocals and his lyrics. It’s a mutual respect thing. When I asked him to appear on the album, I gave him a few choices of songs and he loved this one. Lyrically, it’s about [how] society in general has a hard time accepting and respecting each other’s individual opinions. I believe we should respect each other’s right to have a different opinion regardless if it is different from our own. White, black, gay, straight or religion, the individual’s own thoughts should be respected.”

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