Girls – “Honey Bunny”

Girls’ new album, ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost,’ is due out September 13 in the US via True Panther Sounds. While you wait, check out their song “Honey Bunny” below.

Frontman Christopher Owens told NPR, “‘Honey Bunny’ was my 19th song to write. I wrote it on my birthday in 2008. I think the fact that it’s No. 19 gives it a little perspective. My first songs were kind of like, ‘Ahhhh, Help!’ This one has a bit of swagger to it, and some reflection about my mother. It’s a special song to me now, not for the sassy swagger bits as much the parts about Mama. But I think for the listener, it could be the exact opposite. The energy and optimism and determination in it is quite appealing. But that’s the great thing about these things, right? The fact that all of us are hearing something entirely different. I believe that. And so, in 2011, surfer guitar still rules.”

Girls will be heading out on a North American tour in early September. Head here for the dates.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost

01. Honey Bunny
02. Alex
03. Die
04. Saying I Love You
05. My Ma
06. Vomit
07. Just a Song
08. Magic
09. Forgiveness
10. Love Like a River
11. Jamie Marie