Funeral for a Friend – “High Castles”

Funeral for a Friend will be releasing a new EP entitled ‘See You All in Hell’ in November. The nine-track effort is set to include one brand new song, “High Castles,” which you can check out below.

“We wanted to release something special as an add-on to ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ and we’ve got some different versions of tracks from the record on there in the form of live, acoustic and a remix by our friend LoveGadgetsHatesGizmos,” remarked the band in a press statement. “It was a lot of fun to throw in a Strife cover as we’ve all grown up as massive fans of that band. We were really eager to get back into the studio and write the follow-up to ‘Welcome Home Armagedddon’ and I think ‘High Castles’ is good indication of where we’ll be taking things on the next record.”

See You All in Hell

01. High Castles
02. Will to Die (Strife cover)
03. Medicated (LoveGadgetsHateGizmos remix)
04. Sixteen (Live at XFM)
05. Broken Foundation (Live at XFM)
06. Man Alive (Live at XFM)
07. Front Row Seats to the End of the World (Live at XFM)
08. Old Hymns (Acoustic)
09. Welcome Home Armageddon (Acoustic)