Death Cab for Cutie – “Some Boys” (RAC Maury Mix)

Each week until its release on November 22, Death Cab for Cutie are giving fans a preview of their new remix EP. Today, we’ve been graced with Andrew Maury’s clever remix of the ‘Codes and Keys’ cut “Some Boys.”

We reached out to Maury, who is best known for his work with Ra Ra Riot and the Remix Artist Collective, to find out exactly what he was thinking about when he approached the track. Here’s what he said:

“Anytime I start a remix I have no idea where it’s going to end up. I’ll first explore the multitrack session and listen in on the original tracks. Sometimes I’m looking for something hidden or subtle that may have gone unnoticed in the original version which I can reinstate in a creative way. Sometimes I’ll loop a verse with just the vocal, write a drum beat, pick up the bass guitar and experiment with new chord progressions. The original song has this atmospheric, suspended, driving feel to it. I quickly realized I wanted to adapt the 6/8 time signature to 4/4 and bring it down to the ground a little harder.

“I made Ben [Gibbard]’s vocals pretty dry and focused. The lyrics are really straightforward and commanding; it made sense that I try and exploit that intensity. I kind of started thinking in the mindset of this manic, girl-crazy ‘boy’ Ben is singing about. The energy I ended up creating is really erratic. The way the tremolo-verb bass and pumping synths from the original were gelling with the new drum beat and manic bass part was kind of creepy… so I went off the deep end with reverse reverbs and wacky delay throws. I think my favorite part about it is the way I was able to fit Jason McGerr’s beat into the groove. All the accents from the 6/8 feel drop on top of the 4/4 remix in such a cool way!”