Circle Takes the Square – “Way of Ever-Branching Paths”

Check out “Way of Ever-Branching Paths” below. The song is from Circle Takes the Square’s new EP, ‘Rites of Initiation,’ set for release on August 23. As previously reported, the EP is the first chapter of the experimental rockers’ upcoming album, ‘Decompositions: Volume I,’ which drops in November.

“’Way of Ever-Branching Paths’ has the most labyrinthine structure of the songs on ‘Rites of Initiation,’ and the lyrics were largely inspired by all those twists and turns,” explained vocalist/guitarist Drew Speziale to NPR. “We realized about halfway through writing it that we were building a maze of notes and riffs. We wanted to add another dimension to that hallway of mirrors by referencing the creative and emotional challenges that arose throughout the process of completing our record. I think most of the difficulties we experienced were probably some of the universal mile-markers on a path toward creative expression, and I started to look at the parallels between the ‘artistic journey’ and the ‘rites of passage’ utilized by many long-standing cultures and traditions. Those ideas filtered into the four tracks that make up the new EP.”

Rites of Initiation

01. Enter by the Narrow Gates
02. Spirit Narrative
03. Way of Ever-Branching Paths
04. The Ancestral Other Side