Chickenfoot – “Big Foot”

Take a listen to Chickenfoot’s new single “Big Foot” below. The track is taken from the band’s sophomore album, ‘Chickenfoot III,’ set for release on September 27. The LP was recorded mostly live at vocalist Sammy Hagar’s Northern California studio.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Hagar stated, “It’s a lot more musical than the last record –- the hooks and the songs are better.” Guitarist Joe Satriani added, “We created a record that was deeper and better than the first one . . . it makes a musician very happy when they can see that they are involved with something that’s very moving forward and life-changing.”

Chickenfoot III

01. Last Temptation
02. Alright, Alright
03. Different Devil
04. Up Next
05. Lighten Up
06. Come Closer
07. Three and a Half Letters
08. Big Foot
09. Dubai Blues
10. Something Going Wrong

  • Glutamine Sr

    I agree Fred, Ive listened to this more times than I have EVH in the last 10 years combined

  • Fred

    This song is awesome. I really dig it!