Cannibal Corpse – “Scourge of Iron”

Cannibal Corpse are set to release their new record, ‘Torture,’ on March 13 in North America via Metal Blade Records. While you wait, take a listen to “Scourge of Iron” below.

Bassist Alex Webster told Revolver, “‘Scourge of Iron’ helps to show the song writing diversity on ‘Torture.’ [First album single] ‘Demented Aggression’ is blazing fast and frantic, while ‘Scourge…’ is a down tempo, pounding song. They’re both death metal, but at opposite ends of the speed spectrum. Expect to hear this kind of variety throughout ‘Torture.’ We’ve utilized many different tempos, rhythms, and feels in these songs with the goal of making an album that is varied and dynamic but also very brutal. On March 13th you’ll get to decide whether or not we succeeded.”