Zechs Marquise Reveal New Album

Fresh off an extensive run on RX Bandits’ farewell tour, Zechs Marquise have announced their sophomore full-length, ‘Getting Paid.’ The new album will feature keyboardist and trumpeter Rikardo Rodriguez-Lopez’s first recorded appearance with the band, as well as guest performances by Sonny Baker and RX Bandits’ Matt Embree.

“We started off recording percussion to sequencers and loops,” drummer Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez explained about the new album’s recording process. “I chopped those sounds up and arranged them. From there, were wrote the album with each of us coming in and playing on top of it. Kind of like a hip-hop song.”

Speaking of the album’s artwork, bassist Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez said, “The album cover is a play on Blacksploitation soundtrack art and stuff like [Miles Davis’] ‘Bitches Brew’ cover. We wanted our own weird take on it.”

Check out the trailer and tracklist for ‘Getting Paid’ below, in addition to the new song “Everlasting Beacon of Light.” ‘Getting Paid’ drops through Sargent House on September 27.

“Everlasting Beacon of Light”

Getting Paid

01. Getting Paid
02. Lock Jaw Night Vision
03. Static Lovers
04. The Heat, The Drought, The Thirst, and The Insanity
05. Time Masters
06. Guajira
07. Everlasting Beacon of Light
08. Crushin’ It!
09. Mega Slap