Yes Reveal New Album Details

Illustrious progressive rock outfit Yes are scheduled to release their 20th studio album, ‘Fly from Here,’ on July 1 in Europe and July 12 in the US via Frontiers Records. The Trever Horn-produced record will include the band’s new vocalist Benoit David, as well as Steve Howe on guitars/vocals, founder Chris Squire on bass/vocals, Geoff Downes on keyboards, and Alan White on drums.

In a press statement, Squire remarked, “The new album represents the best of Yes from the ’70s and the ’80s with a current twist.”

The band will be bringing a few of the songs on the road soon as they co-headline a 22-city summer tour with Styx. Head here for the dates.

Check out the album’s tracklisting below, and cover art by Roger Dean on the right.

Fly from Here

01. Fly From Here – Overture
02. Fly From Here – Pt. I – We Can Fly
03. Fly From Here – Pt. II – Sad Night at the Airfield
04. Fly From Here – Pt. III – Madman at the Screens
05. Fly From Here – Pt. IV – Bumpy Ride
06. Fly From Here – Pt. V – We Can Fly
07. The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be
08. Life on a Film Set
09. Hour of Need
10. Solitaire
11. Into the Storm