Wilco Waves “So Long” To Label

“I’ve been thinkin’ about leavin too,” Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy wails in the group’s song, “That’s Not The Issue.”  And “leavin’” is exactly what Wilco did. Please send my apologies to Nonesuch Records of Warner Music Group, because the band has finally decided to leave their label of nearly ten years.The news was first disclosed in an Express Night Out interview with Wilco guitarist Nils Cline. Cline said, “Jeff was basically not wanting to be on a record label for a while – he didn’t renew his contract with Nonesuch – so we’re striking out on our own, our own label.” Tweedy’s rep confirmed yesterday to Rolling Stone that, “Wilco’s deal is indeed up with Nonesuch Records.”

So what’s next for Wilco? In between tours and an upcoming performance at the Solid Sound Fest August 13-15 in Mass., the band is planning to commence work on their next album later this month. The distributor of the band’s eighth album, which is set to be released in early 2011, is still unknown. “It has not yet been determined who will release the next Wilco record, but forming their own label and releasing future albums through it is definitely a potential scenario,” a Wilco rep confirmed to Rolling Stone.

Wilco is only one group in a long list of artists (including Pearl Jam and Radiohead) that has decided to cut the chord with their label.  Time will only tell if this route is the optimal choice for the band.

[img credit: HeyRocker]
  • Sylvester

    Let's hope this next album is better than their last.